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All Idun Charm Watches

All Idun Charm Watches

Find a new way to seize the moment with Idun Denmark’s stylish and modern Charm Watches. Choose a romantic Pendant Charm Watch or a classic Rocking Charm Watch and pick from a variety of design features including smooth stainless steel, Gold plating and two-tone metal finishes and accents. Compatible with all your favourite Pandora, Trollbeads, Chamilia and Evolve bracelets and charms, the beautiful, high quality timepieces are the perfect way to complete your look. Wear them on our Idun Denmark Bracelets or necklaces.

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  1. Rocking Charm Watch with Embossed Floral Pattern Dial, Rose Gold Plated Case and Rose Gold Details – RCW4510

    An eye-catching Rose Gold plated Rocking Charm Watch with a feminine, embossed white floral pattern on the dial and Rose Gold details. The Rose Gold colour floral details make a great contrast to the white dial and will make sure this piece is noticed on any bracelet or necklace.


    • Embossed white floral pattern dial with Rose Gold colour details
    • Simple, feminine design
    • Unique centre thread. Fits any bracelet, necklace or string with a diameter of max. 4mm
    • Extremely durable sapphire glass

    Wear it together with other Rose Gold charms to make a chic and bold statement. Or opt for something more daring and let it stand out on a simple black Silk String – wrap it around your wrist like a bracelet and throw in some glass charms and create a statement which will make you the center of attention.

    Delivered in a beautiful gift box. 

    EUR 99
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