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Caring for your Idun products

Caring for your Idun products

Care and maintenance is essential if you want your Idun products to last and to look amazing while on your wrist.

How often do I need to clean my watch?

To make sure your Idun watch looks beautiful at all times, wipe the case and bracelet regularly with a soft damp cloth. This will remove dust, moisture, perfumes and grit which can act like sandpaper causing wear. Make sure you avoid contact with solvents, cosmetic products, perfumes, detergents, corrosive agents, adhesives and paints.

How often do you recommend I have my Idun watch serviced?

Regular servicing is key to making sure your watch works perfectly and for its longevity. We therefore recommend you have the watch serviced at intervals of 3 years.

Is my Idun watch water proof. The product spec says 5ATM?

5ATM means water resistant rather than water proof. This means that it is what could be called “resistant to splashes” and moist in general. Please keep in mind that water resistance is not permanent - time and wear will diminish the water resistance characteristics of the internal seals. When the watch is serviced, these seals are inspected and changed if necessary. The crown must be correctly positioned (pushed in) to prevent water from entering the watchcase.

Can I swim with my Idun watch?

Whilst you can swim with your watch (no diving), we do not recommend you doing so. The seals and gaskets will deteriorate when in contact with salt and chlorine.

What about showering?

Showering is possible, although we recommend that you do not shower with your Idun watch in too hot water. This also goes for hot tubs, saunas etc as steam can enter the case and cause rust of the moving parts.

How often should I have my watch battery replaced?

Batteries perform differently depending on a lot of different factors. This could be the temperature, humidity levels etc. This also means that battery life will differ. On average, a battery will last for 2 years - replace the battery when its life has finished. Your watch will gradually lose time when the battery life if about to expire.

How durable is sapphire glass?

All Idun watches have first grade sapphire crystal glass. Sapphire is very durable and offers a scratch resistant surface however, this does not mean that it is scratch or shatter proof. We therefore recommend that you remove your Idun watch before you do sports, physical work, gardening etc.

Why does my watch lose time. This happens sometimes, but not always?

Watches are affected by strong magnetic fields, coming from electric devices like refrigerators or speakers. Make sure your Idun watch is placed away from such devices when not on your wrist. Other factors influencing time keeping are impacts and shocks - e.g. from dropping your watch or wearing it while during sports activities like tennis or golf.

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